2009 Mba Essay

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These purchases are usually driven by solving a problem or curing the customer’s pain.

These pain points are what drive your customers to seek out your products or services.

Before getting started on your business narrative, you need to brainstorm or free write. Write them all down on a piece of butcher paper or record it.

Doing this allows your brain to get geared toward creating a good narrative. Now that your brain is primed, it’s time to start structuring those thoughts into a narrative.

The best way to think about this is to describe your ideal customer.

Ideal customers may not exist but they are a great way to focus your products and services to customers that come close.Writing a narrative about your business is the first step in formulating those random thoughts into a story that you can tell prospective investors and employees.It’s also a great way to get past the anxiety of looking at detailed rows and columns of numbers that really won’t make sense until you formulate the genesis of your business. Exercise #2: For 15 minutes, brainstorm all the words and phrases you can think of about your business.Customers: The people who read The Daily MBA are either in business or want to start a business.They have a natural drive to create products and services and tend to seek out advice.Just simply describe the market that your business addresses.Markets Addressed: The Daily MBA addresses the management and entrepreneurship education market worldwide.This is the main character of your story and the name should reflect the attitude of the company. This description needs to be written with vivid words that conger up feelings that people can relate to.Look at the items you circled in the brainstorming session. Even though it’s a business, that personal touch will make it memorable.This is critical since, without some idea on how to achieve your goal, you will flounder.Resources Needed: To achieve our long-term goals, The Daily MBA needs to apply Inbound Marketing techniques to get found.


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