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Veterans of short or small conflicts are often forgotten when the country fought bigger conflicts.In some countries with strong anti-military traditions (e.g., Germany after 1945), veterans are neither honoured in any special way by the general public, nor have their dedicated Veterans Day, although events are sometimes orchestrated by minority groups.

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Those veterans that have had direct exposure to acts of military conflict may also be referred to as war veterans (although not all military conflicts, or areas in which armed combat takes place, are necessarily referred to as wars).

It did set up two small hospitals for them in the 1680s.

In London and other cities the streets teemed with disabled or disfigured veterans begging for alms.

Awards include a $1,000 cash award for professional development to each of the top K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 teachers; an additional $1,000 award for each winning teacher’s school; and plaques from VFW for both winning teachers and the school’s they represent.

For eligibility requirements, a nomination form and details to meet the annual November 1st deadline to apply, contact VFW Post 5760 via webmail or phone.War veterans are generally treated with great respect and honour for their contribution to the world and country by their own nationals.Conversely there are often negative feelings towards the veterans of foreign nations held long after the war is over; for example towards the German Nazi soldiers, yet they are no less veterans of war than those of the winning side. Veterans of unpopular or lost conflicts may be discriminated against.Our members encourage fellow teachers, supervisors, parents, and school district administrators to submit nominations recognizing the efforts our school teachers.What better way to place Mercer Island School District and our schools on both the Washington State and National “Citizen-Teacher” map.A combat veteran is a person who has fought in combat during a war or a skirmish against a declared enemy and may still be serving in the military.Military veterans often receive special treatment in their respective countries due to the sacrifices they made during wars.In France, for instance, those wounded in war are given the first claim on any seat on public transit.Most countries have a holiday such as Veterans Day to honour their veterans, along with the war dead.In addition to direct aid, it stimulated a national discussion regarding the need for employment programs for disabled veterans and the responsibility of the state, setting up a future demand for more benefits.The most common usage is for former armed services personnel.


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