4 Week Travel Nurse Assignments

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Additionally, the travel nurse will have to contend with more frequent moves and more paperwork burdens.

As mentioned above, short term housing options are hard to come by and are typically more expensive. If you determine that you want to work short-term contracts, then there are companies that specialize in them.

But a crisis rate might make up for the deficiency.

Short term contracts create opposing concerns for hospitals.

However, if you’re adamantly opposed to working a particular shift and you’re interested in one particular location, then it may be useful to ask companies if the hospitals they work with in your location of interest staff the shifts you desire.

Otherwise, simply letting the agency know what shifts you desire is enough.

The revenue decrease that the company experiences will result in a lower pay package for the traveler.

Again, fixed costs like travel expenses, credentialing costs, and orientation costs will take up a greater percentage of the revenue leaving less for pay.

Furthermore, some hospitals just don’t want to commit to 13 weeks.

By committing to fewer weeks they mitigate the risk of overspending in case their census drops and they no longer have a need for the travel nurse. Negotiate travel nursing pay like a PRO with our free e Book.


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