8d Problem Solving Technique

8d Problem Solving Technique-51
Management needs to be an active participant in verifying implementation of corrective actions.That means they need to be a visible presence both on the shop floor and in regular reviews of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure effectiveness.

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Defining the problem could mean a to observe the problem on the shop floor, analyzing quality data and/or using is/is-not analysis to more precisely define the issue.

As much as possible, try to describe and quantify the problem in terms of: Temporary containment minimizes the impact of the problem while you develop permanent solutions, and is especially important where product quality or safety is at risk.

If it’s a part problem, the engineer responsible for design should be on the team.

If it’s a production issue, you’ll want to loop in the supervisor from the specific work area.

Whether it’s a financial bonus, special event or simply mentioning the team in a meeting or newsletter, this step is critical to building a culture of quality.

Because at its core, quality culture requires active participation from top management to front-line operators.

Sorting mixed parts or cleaning up a mess addresses only the symptoms of the problem, not its root cause.

The result: repeat problems, rising costs and potential loss of business.

Just don’t make the mistake of thinking 8D is a paperwork exercise a quality person can complete from their desk.

This step involves gathering details and data to describe the problem completely, another area where people have a lot of trouble.


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