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The primary purpose of certain types of essays is to allow the writer the opportunity to set out their views on a particular subject.The different genres of assignment have different purposes where some have the aim of informing, persuading, entertaining or explaining how to do something i.e. This latter type of essay tells readers how to produce or solve some given thing by explaining it one step at a time.The process is exposed in consecutive steps or stages in which the process unfolds.

A process essay is a relative of technical writing, which is rich in instruction manuals.

However, they differ slightly, as a process essay is more narrative than imperative.

A successful essay of the process variety guides those who read it through a sequence of steps to help them learn how to accomplish some task.

The process style of writing can take any one of two forms, one of which is the type of essay that demonstrates a process or how something works while the other type explains how something is produced.

A step-by-step process can be found in a directional (or prescriptive) process essay.

A process that explains how something occurs or works in a logical way, usually in a linear sequence, with possible deviations.

A qualitative process offers many ways towards one goal, leaving it up to the reader to estimate them and pick one.

It is typical for the essays about a qualitative process to try and develop a methodical approach to fulfill the requirements of the reference standard; or, they describe an opposite process that would lead to an undesired result.

Process paper ideas for informational process essays would be topics such as: “How does the Internet work? ”, an explanation of money circulation principles or how presidential elections occur.

Process paper ideas for directional process essays would be topics such as:"How to find your calling?


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