Administrative Management Theory Essay

Fayol formulated the concept of the continuity of the management process, which incorporated the following related functions: planning, organization, management (administration), coordination and control.

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In his main work "General and Industrial Management", Fayol’s key concept is that every enterprise has two entities.

He has tried to make the need for and possibility of making a special science to manage people a part of the general theory of business management.

The term "administration" refers to the highest part of administrative hierarchy and management staff in targeted institutions.

There is nothing left of business and commerce in this term, but plenty of bureaucracy and command for sure.

Fayol emphasized the need for long- and short-term planning for each organization, as well as the need to plan on a national scale by taking into consideration the needs of the society in general and production in particular.

Administrative Management Theory Essay

In addition, Fayol’s merit has been the statement that every member of the society needs to acquire knowledge of the principles of administration.

Thus, Fayol came up with three principles, which are useful to any administrative activity.

The first principle is discipline, which is realized through a contract of employment meant to ensure obedience, diligence, energy and external manifestation of respect.

According to Fayol, another reason is that the administrative action formed only one part of management.

Management itself is a far greater area of activity.


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