Adventure In Jungle Essay

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Another amazing person with an incredible story in Phong Nha.

Hang En, meaning ‘swallow cave’ after the birds that inhabit it, is currently considered to be the third largest cave in the world.

Dear Phong Nha, It pains me to know that we are no longer sitting in the shadows of your limestone peaks, breathing in the bucolic air as our eyes admiringly survey the Son River.

Some of the best months of our entire lives were spent enveloped by your charming setting.

Fast flowing rivers emerge from underground, bringing more questions than answers about their origins.

Many of the caves in the area have been forged by these raging torrents, but local experts are still unaware of where the majority of them start from. Jungle men think that this underground river springs back up to the surface somewhere across the border in Laos.

During one air raid, a bomb was dropped near to where he was stationed, detonating and causing immense damage. Now he owns a beautiful piece of land on the Rau Con River just outside of town, where he farms pumpkins, tapioca, pepper, watermelon and pineapple.

With his warm smile and gentle nature, he wants to welcome tourists from all around the world to his property.

He noticed clouds and wind coming from the entrance, but moved on without further exploration. In 2008 he found the cave again, and in 2009 he took members of the British Cave Research Association there on an exploratory expedition.

By the end of 2010 they had finished surveying the caverns, and determined that it was the largest ever found.


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