Agree And Disagree Essay

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It points to a number of different specific ways in which books do things which can’t be done by computers; each of these features of books constitutes an implicit reason for valuing libraries. offering full support for all aspects of one’s opinion.

It draws on the experiences of readers to support a more abstract general point about libraries.

“Modern life is increasingly chaotic.” Do you agree or disagree? “The death penalty is barbaric and should not be legal anywhere.” Do you agree or disagree? “Libraries are irrelevant in the age of the internet and should not be publicly funded.” Do you agree or disagree?

It is possible to argue a case opposite to your own real opinion, but you are more likely to argue convincingly if you argue for a case in which you yourself believe.

Remember that you’re being asked not only whether libraries are irrelevant, but also whether they should receive public funding (vocabulary like this is great for your essay).

Agree And Disagree Essay

Obviously these two questions are linked: if libraries were irrelevant, their really would be no point in funding them.Here, “supporting” your argument might simply mean describing some of the valuable features of reading a book which can’t be reproduced by a computer.Let’s consider an example of how this might be done.“Not all the merits of books are replicable on a computer screen.This is not to say that there is no room for subtlety or qualifications to an argument in your essay.But the main line of your argument needs to be clear, because you don’t have much space.Every time you are tempted to write “I think that” or “It’s my opinion that”, try simply deleting those words.The sentence will usually be greatly improved without them.Yet it does not follow that, if relevant, they must be funded.It’s good to demonstrate your awareness that the question has more than one aspect to it.“We have seen that libraries are very far from irrelevant.It is usually a bad idea to preface your statement of opinion with “I suppose”, or “it is my opinion that”, or even “I think that”.The reader already that it is your opinion, because you are stating it!


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