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The pattern is consistent that bold words indicate any number or all choices may be correct to some degree. Also notice that multiple sources can be considered across a range of questions: a question on a picture, then a question considering the picture and a reading.Lingo (Jargon) from these Released Diploma Items:alludesserve to depictimageallayreinforces the conceptdevelop a sensecontext suggests the allusion ...

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When choosing the prose form that will best communicate yourideas and impressions, consider the ideas and support that will allow you to compose the mosteffective response. Have a plan for presenting your ideas andimpressions.

Different prose forms, of course, have their own unique characteristics.

The details you select should support your development of the ideas and impressions you chooseto discuss.

This focus will help you to establish and sustain your unifying effect, which you willmake clear by statement or implication.

Discuss the ideas generated from and significance of details you connect.

A traditional essay format(1600-2000 words) is the norm: opening, thesis, body paragraphs, closing.Do not connect to literature studied during your course.Connect to detailed, relevant, and insightful personal experience, or more philosophical/creative ideals.ry_device) … al_design) ELA 30-1 Reading Comp Released Items Have a look at some of the released items from ELA 30-1 from recent years. …161219Notice a handful of questions have words in BOLD: primarily, most strongly, etc.During periods ofstability, however, citizens must have freedom from unnecessary government control.2015 SOC 30-1 Liberalsim-A strong leader supported by an expert group of advisors will guide a country to greatness.Giving uninformed citizens the responsibility of making decisions about critical issues would prove disastrous to the country.2017 SOC 30-1 Liberalsim-Governments have an obligation to provide support to individuals experiencing immediate or ongoing crises.impliesserves mainly to reinforceapostrophe (figure of speech, not the punctuation mark) …of_speech)simileallusion impliescontrastcontinuity is conveyedomissionstanzaironyironic implicationjuxtapositionevokenihilismstage directionshrewd 30-2 Written-response Assignment Suggested Word Count Range English Language Arts 30–2 Assignment 1: 300–700 words English Language Arts 30–2 Assignment 2: 400–900 words English Language Arts 30–2 Assignment 3: 300–600 words• Visual Reflection Assignment - usually a photo showing a high contrast of emotional ideas.• Literary Exploration Assignment - identify textual support for a "human condition" idea in a piece, then write about a character studied• Persuasive Writing in Context Assignment - write a speech or letter - usually in support or opposition to a local/municipal political issue - closing a library, build a community theatre, etc.The exam booklet usually has an excerpt story/novel, a poem, and a visual.All pieces are selected for a specific unifying theme: similar(but by no means limited to) to what I've posted on "focus questions". questions/ Responses can be personal, creative, critical.


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