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Then I finally knew the terrible truth: I was hooked.

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And so, like a lot of moms at the end of a long day, I turn to the Internet and my nightly wine and seek comfort in knowing my problems also belong to others.So, it seems like a harmless way to deal with the stresses of motherhood.” She’s right.Imagine if I began this essay by saying that I took a shot of tequila or smoked a joint every afternoon while my son was across the room eating his afternoon snack? “Alcohol and caffeine are unique from all other drugs in that they are not only socially acceptable; it’s expected that adults in our culture use them regularly,” explains Jim La Pierre LCSW, a substance abuse counselor based in Maine.How can a put-together, happily married, mom of three with a master’s degree, career, and the ability to meet every writing deadline with a sharp smile have a drinking problem? I mean, wine has practically become the must-have accessory for modern motherhood.Target now features wine bars, women’s purses now feature hidden pockets to hide wine spouts, and trendy travel mugs regularly feature phrases like “This might be wine” in adorable, curlicue font.I’d have an inbox full of hate mail before you could even finish this sentence. “The illusions we embrace around drinking include ideas like it’s ‘just wine.’ An addictions counselor refers to that mentality as minimizing its significance.It’s the same mindset that dictates wine is safer than ‘hard liquor’, when in truth it is the same drug in different forms.” This is probably the reason why, up until recently, I truly didn’t think wine was as potent or addictive as hard liquor. And while I might have a gin and tonic at a summer BBQ with friends, wine was supposed to be","logout Url":"https://com/logout? PM: I’m standing at the edge of the driveway, waiting for my second-grader to get off the bus. Years roll by in my memory bank and not a single day stands out to me as one in which I was totally stone-cold sober, unless of course, you count pregnancy.Wine was supposed to be “healthy.” As a mother, I find that the number of demands put upon me in a single week dizzying and never-ending.From financial stress to house stress to constantly feeling like I’m not the mother that I could or should be …


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