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Iraqi insurgents wave their national flag as they celebrate in front of a burning U. military tanker they hit with rocket-propelled grenade on April 9, 2004.

Iraqi insurgents wave their national flag as they celebrate in front of a burning U. military tanker they hit with rocket-propelled grenade on April 9, 2004.

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Platon’s ability to be fluent in a number of photographic languages, including still lifes, is one of the reasons his work from this project, which we gave the title “Service,” is so compelling.

Perhaps the most moving pictures, like the one of Elsheba Khan cradling her son’s gravestone, are those taken at Arlington cemetery.

But, increasingly, Americans were objecting to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Soldiers were returning home wounded and psychologically damaged. San Antonio, the officer in charge was unaware of the clearance Platon had received and, as such, refused to allow him to take a single photograph.

Mourners carry coffins in Karbala on March 3, 2004.

A day after a series of bombs killed dozens and injured hundreds during the Ashura ceremony in the Shiite holy city of Karbala, Shiite Muslims began burying their dead.

Photographs depicting detainee abuse inside Abu Ghraib prison at the hands of U. Iraqi national guardsman Ridha Abdulkarim lies in a hospital bed after a car bomb detonated at a checkpoint in Baquba on August 3, 2004. airstrike in Najaf is assisted by one of his comrades on August 24, 2004. teams would frequently fire "harassment and interdiction" mortar fusillades toward suspected enemy positions. 1st Class Troy Hawkins is tended to after getting wounded during a firefight while on patrol with an Iraqi army unit in the Haifa Street neighborhood of Baghdad on February 16, 2005. Thomas Gaines kisses his wife during a welcome-home ceremony in Fort Stewart, Georgia, on May 11, 2006. inspection team and I had seen it coming -- and I felt an emptiness when, three days before the invasion, an American official called me to "ask" that we withdraw from the country. inspections in Iraq at the time of the war 10 years ago.

The bomb killed six guardsmen and wounded six others, Iraqi authorities said. They were walking past the shrine of Imam Ali to make their way to a militia hospital. Afterward, he continued to fight in the narrow streets. Charles Robb, left, and Judge Laurence Silberman during a news conference in Washington on March 31, 2005. About 280 members of the Georgia National Guard 48th Brigade returned home from a year-long deployment to Iraq. military turned over security control of Iraq's biggest province, once a stronghold of the Sunni insurgency. While we were sad to be ushered out in the midst of a job entrusted to us by the U. Security Council -- one that we were doing well -- there was a certain relief in knowing we had all made it out safely. inspectors left Iraq, to be replaced by hundreds of thousands of soldiers who began an occupation that would have a horrendous cost in lives, suffering and resources. Today, I look again at the reasons why this terrible mistake -- and violation of the U. charter -- took place and explore if any lessons be drawn. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, George W.

Some of his most compassionate pictures were done on location.

His photojournalistic images, which he took with his Leica, were most surprising to me. They had an immediacy that was almost the opposite of his carefully crafted portraits.


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