Analysis Of Consumer Decision Making Process Essay

An external information search is the process of seeking information in the outside environment.The ninja will start by asking personal ninja friends and family about their experiences with acquiring a new ninja hideout.Consumer behavior is the process consumers go through when they make purchases and it involves factors that influence their decision and usage.

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A need can occur immediately and can be a very basic impulse that you experience, such as when the ninja develops hunger pains. Or it can be a change in the ninja's lifestyle, such as when he finds out that he is going to be expecting a baby ninja.

An external stimulus is when you are affected by outside influences, such as when a friend tells you about a fantastic movie, restaurant or an ad for a car.

The key weapon of a marketer to create an imbalance/consumer need is to use advertising and sales components.

When consumers recognize an unfulfilled need and that a product will satisfy it, they have created a want.

Car brochures, test drives, sales, promotions and rebates are all ways for the consumer to be drawn further into the need recognition process.

Another way that a consumer recognizes an unfulfilled want is when the consumer runs out of the product.The very first step in the process is when consumers realize that they have a need for something.Marketers want to create an imbalance in consumers between their present status and their preferred status.After the consumer has developed a want or a need, he or she needs to start an information search about the different alternative selections that they can purchase to satisfy their need.Our ninja has decided he needs a new ninja hideout.The first way is when a consumer becomes frustrated with the fact that a product he or she has is not performing properly.Perhaps the car that the consumer owns is now requiring time in the shop for repairs, or the jeans he owns have developed holes.He will look both internally and externally for his information to help him make a decision.An internal information search consists of utilizing information from memory, such as past experiences with the product.This can be as simple as an empty shampoo bottle or a need for more bread.Marketers can tempt consumers to purchase their products through coupons, deals, contests and promotions.


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