Angels On Assignment Roland Buck

IT SOUNDED LIKE HE SAID, ‘I AM GABRIEL,' but it couldn't be…he has not been seen for centuries. The things I read about were things that you could only hope to be true.Am I seeing things or IS HE REALLY HERE…IN MY HOME? I came face to face with a Loving God, being in shock and weeping, as I melted in His presence that radiated from the pages.

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You name it, "God" or "Mother Nature" always got the blame for most evil occurrences.

Not only that, His Name was just a swear word on the lips of most.

He pastored churches in Granger and Yakima Washington, and Gooding Idaho, before coming to Central Assembly of God church in Boise in 1950.

Roland Buck was the pastor of Central Assembly of God Christian Life Center, Boise, Idaho, from 1950 – 1979, being ordained through the Assemblies of God.

The hands of the clock had rolled on past midnight and it was now January 1, 1980. She handed it to me and sheepishly said, "You can read this if you want to." It was called "Angels on Assignment".

The blue front cover had a picture of something that looked like a shooting star falling down to touch the earth. I flipped it over and read the back jacket: "The light flipped on and I saw what seemed to be two of the largest men I had ever seen. I started to fall, but was steadied by the strong hand of one of these seven-foot plus beings.

He is most popular for his leadership, his kindness, compassion, and the stories of a series of Angelic visitations that he had between June 18, 1978 and October 13, 1979.

Thousands upon thousands of people have heard and read about the visitations which were recorded in two books.

Somehow, love and healing flowed out of the pages and into my heart, giving me a reason to want to live again.

I really was loved and wanted to live so that I could love this "God of Love".


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