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The topic of animal testing is a very hot topic and people almost invariably disagree on it.Some people consider animals to be their companions and love them, while others consider them nothing more than a tool that can be used for medical advancement.

To conclude animal welfare can be side-stepped when the situation is threatening humans and computer alternatives are simply too premature.

Nevertheless, when the research has rather fickle motives and viable alternatives do exist, in these cases the loss of animal’s lives in inexcusable.

This is a cruel way to treat these beings, as they have no choice and cannot oppose.

The pain and suffering animals endure during testing very rarely leads to significant advances in medicine or technology.

In 1986 the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act was passed, which ensured higher animal welfare standards in laboratories across the UK. This regulation harmonises European animal laboratory standards, improving animal welfare across the EU, and is currently being transposed into the laws of the member countries. Animal Research in Medicine: 100 Years of Politics, Protests and Progress (John Illman) provides a history of animal research legislation and the context in which they were developed. Aninmal Research in Medicine: 100 years of Politics, Protests and Progress. Medical Advances and Animal Research: The Contribution of Animal Science to the Medical Revolution: Some Case Histories. [online] Available at: Animal Research Timeline ( provides an outline of many of the major medical discoveries since 1881, as well as explaining the role of animals in each of these developments.

Available at: Tackling Animal Rights (SR) is an essay following the battle over the building of the Oxford University Biomedical Facility from 2005-2008.

During testing, animals are put through procedures that are often painful or that cause severe psychological trauma.

In many cases, the tests prove to be deadly for the animals involved, or at least leaves them scarred for life.

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