Anomie Theory Essay

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Both of these examples show people who feel a lack of purpose, frustration, and illustrate despair.

They both believe that the quest to try for other work would be useless, so they turn to crime. The idea of anomie means the lack of normal ethical or social standards.

Crime pervaded the child's world from birth; all of the child's siblings were in a gang and served time in juvenile detention.

The parents were uninvolved and had criminal histories.

Greater emphasis on ends rather than means creates a stress that leads to a breakdown in the regulatory structure—i.e., anomie.

If, for example, a society impelled its members to acquire wealth yet offered inadequate means for them to do so, the strain would cause many people to violate norms.Individuals may feel that community leaders are indifferent to their needs, that society is basically unpredictable and lacking order, and that goals are not being realized.They may have a sense of futility and a conviction that associates are not dependable sources of support.Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.Join Britannica's Publishing Partner Program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work! He believed that one type of suicide (anomic) resulted from the breakdown of the social standards necessary for regulating behaviour.Although Durkheim’s concept of anomie referred to a condition of relative normlessness of a society or social group, other writers have used the term to refer to conditions of individuals.In this psychological usage, anomie means the state of mind of a person who has no standards or sense of continuity or obligation and has rejected all social bonds.In addition, since there is no idea of what is considered desirable, to strive for anything would be futile.In criminology, the idea of anomie is that the person chooses criminal activity because the individual believes that there is no reason not to.The teen, now an adult, was chronically unemployed and felt worthless, with no direction or sense of purpose.The teen became involved in crime as an outlet, because he felt that there were no other options; to try to achieve a higher purpose would be a waste of time. This time, imagine a single mother living in the projects.


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