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Given the uncertain nature of the research process one expects to encounter problems and opportunities which cause the research to deviate from an original objective, however, the thesis proposal should set upper and lower limits around what is to be done. Cooper, Business Research Methods, Irwin, 1991) The statement or question sets a boundary around the proposed study.Significant deviations from a proposal should be embodied in a new thesis proposal. It states the problem to be addressed or the question under investigation.This section is used to verify the internal consistency of the proposal by checking to see that each objective is discussed in the research design.

Students begin drafting the thesis proposal in the course Thesis Proposal Seminar.

Below, you can find detailed information about the following: The artistic thesis consists of an artistic work and supporting essays, and it is important to conceive of each element as contributing to a coherent whole.

The thesis proposal document is also thought of as a contract between the supervisor and the student.

It is not intended to be legally binding on either party rather it is a statement of intent by the student to perform certain tasks (e.g., experiments, surveys).

Use in-text citations In a single paragraph, provide a concise overview of the overall purpose of the proposed study.

In this section, describe the focus, methodology, population, and geographical location of the study.As you write this section, be sure the purpose aligns with the problem you identified in your problem statement.The purpose statement should tell your reader how you plan to address and/or investigate the problem.Before beginning your dissertation proposal, you will first need to work with your Chair to get an approved Letter of Intent (LOI).Completing this document will allow you to develop a clear plan for your research.Includes a description of the major phases or key activities of the project and an estimated target completion date.Since it is important to consider the costs of conducting research, the budget identifies major research costs and explains the way they are to be funded.At this stage the intention is not to be exhaustive but to identify the main themes and the important and relevant bodies of literature.If your supervisor prefers an extensive review, you may consider relegating it to an appendix.Generally, the thesis proposal is a comprehensive double spaced plan of between 6 and 10 pages and could contain the following elements: (From: C. The statement will include any restrictions or areas of the problem that will not be addressed.It is important that the problem be distinct from related problems and that the reader can adequately assess the scope, depth, and limits of the proposed research.


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