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Through their "Dialogue Perspectives" programme, the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich and Avicenna academic foundations promote discourse between Jewish and Muslim scholarship holders.In an interview with Ursula Russmann, Rachel de Boor and Hani Mohseni talk about new alliances between their communities – and why the majority of society wants to see devout Jews, but liberal Muslims More Abrahamic Teams and interfaith dialogue: Conquering prejudice face-to-face Germany appoints an anti-Semitism commissioner: Moving in the right direction Anti-Semitism: There is no tradition of anti-Semitism in Islam In their field journal “The Crack” photographer Carlos Spottorno and journalist Guillermo Abril report the unfolding of Europeʹs migrant crisis from Africa to the Arctic over the course of three years. To identify the causes and consequences of Europeʹs identity crisis.Critics fear that it is part of an ongoing push for "cultural hegemony".

When East meets West: Debunking the "clash of civilisations" myth The Virtual Iftar Project: "It is harder to ignore, vilify or harm those with whom we have broken bread"In her fifth novel, French author Alice Zeniter addresses some very thorny and painful issues in the history of Franco-Algerian relations.

Demonstrating a profound knowledge of the subject matter, Zeniter's novel highlights the lot of the Harkis, Algerian Muslims who fought on the side of the French in the Algerian War of Independence.

Claudia Kramatschek read the book More Book review: Joseph Andras′ ″De nos freres blesses″: A shameful chapter Sixty years since the beginning of the Algerian war: National fronts?

Book review: Cecile Oumhaniʹs "Tunisian Yankee": Life is elsewhere Consolidating its major party status in recent European elections, the Af D succeeded in part through the use of the arts in its campaigning.

By Robert Rigney More Balkan Beats: ARABBEATSInterview with the Egyptian DJ Mohammed Safi: Voice of the people Electro Festival "Les Dunes Electroniques" in Tunisia: Beats and bass in the desert Refugees and music: Finding common ground A recently published anthology – "Eure Heimat ist unser Albtraum" – edited by Fatma Aydemir and Hengameh Yaghoobifarah is both accusatory and motivational.

Ceyda Nurtsch read the declaration and attended the launch More Mosque attacks in Germany: A duty to protect Berlinʹs House of One: Offering a triune solution Germanyʹs new Homeland minister: No to religious parity Parliament of the Worldʹs Religions: Good people of the world, unite!

Those enslaved had a certain amount of time to serve. Slavery was never at the magnitude, until it got to America.

However, slavery in Africa was more like indentured slavery.

did the Founding Fathers take an unequivocal stand against black slavery.

Obviously, human bondage and human dignity were not ...


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