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From here, it can be seen that animal testing can guide us to discoveries of new knowledge about living organisms.Many drugs have been invented to fulfill the aim of remedying diseases.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

This has caused many individuals to agree with the movements of anti-vivisection organisations due to brutal treatment towards animals.

Although there are laws regarding animal testing enforcing the reduction in the use of animals for vivisection, opponents of animal experimenting are still debating about the subject of legalizing it.

With the thoroughbred race horse there's lots of money at stake but with research mice it's the possibility of life-saving new treatments.

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However, the side effects of newly invented drugs remain unknown.

Therefore, animal testing allows the evaluation of the danger of drugs before being used upon humans which will greatly reduce the risk before any human based trials are carried out (About Animal Testing, n.d.).

Furthermore, this thought was continued by Christians who claimed that animals were less significant because they had no soul (Vivisection, 2002).

Animal testing is the use of live animals for research in order to better understand the effect of certain substances towards human health.

If we view this subject from a broader perspective, it can be seen that animal testing should be legalized as it aids scientist in the discoveries of new drugs and treatments to make health and medicine better, an animal’s life does not hold as much value as a human’s, and it is the most precise way to find out the effects of substances on a living organism.

This research paper will explain why animal testing should be legalized.


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