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The best way to conduct research is to start by making a list of questions that need to be asked and answered.Remember the research phase takes time and patience.

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Advice to the writer is to start with his/her claim right away.

When the writer divulges his/her position they must then point to some supporting sub positions.

Each sentence in the paragraph should be supportive of what the writer has already stated.

The relevancy and relationships are cemented by paragraphs.

It is important to make the introduction a clear and limited statement in order to seize the attention of the reader.

The introduction needs to be linked with all the paragraphs in the essay.Once these claims are stated, it is at this point that the writer should begin to plan the conclusion.The structure of the Arts essay generally has an introduction, main body and conclusion.The writer, also in the research stage, needs to define the claims for and against the arguments he/she proposes to put forward in his/her essay.In order to research a topic, the writer needs to identify sources which they will use e.g. This can educate the writer with more information and be able to give the essay a more authoritative feel.All paragraphs in the Arts essay are of importance.The adding of the main body of the Arts essay is the next stage.The writer needs to gain an understanding of the subject and be able to analyse the arguments both for and against.In the early stages of preparation, there is a need to prepare an outline and it is also an idea to chart the construction of the Arts essay and to write down all the reasons and evidence found while researching the topic.The paragraphs are used as an organised unit of thought.Ideas should follow one another in a rational sequence.


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