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Our goal here is to teach and make learning easier by building a long-time resource available to students from all over the world.And solving homework-style questions helps us get closer to that goal.On the other hand, whether your learning institution (middle school, high school, college, etc.) and your teacher or professor allows you to consult other people, or to post the exact question on the internet, is something that is usually addressed by your institution's honor code or rules and regulations, and any specific class policies.

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Here's your opportunity to send a question to our free, volunteer tutors.

If your question makes sense, it will be answered by one of Algebra. An email will be sent to you if you leave your email address (it is confidential), when the problem is solved.

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Please put some work into formulating your question.

Please do not just copy and paste the exact question text from your homework sheet.Now, to your point about students looking at other solved questions for help - many are doing just that!Our community has helped upwards of 8 million students - and counting!As a general rule, we do not discourage any specific category of questions, as long as it is mathematical.But please do make an effort to search through the list of previously asked questions.Our tutors are here so help, and also to advertise themselves.If you like someone's answers, you can speak to them about getting their private tutoring.The ratio between confirms that we're helping students learn much more than we are helping them cheat. The benefit of posting an answer that tackles concepts and walks the student through to the solution the discomfort of knowing that some kid just copied your answer to avoid having to work on a math problem on a Friday night.So, to wrap this up, it all comes down to your personal view.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Visit Stack Exchange There are actually two factors involved here, one is on your end, and one over here on this website.


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