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influence or attempt to influence the vote of a member of the Armed Forces.c.

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(401) The Armed Forces may use military authority toa.

(401) Who has the responsibility to ensure each base Installation Voting Assistance Officer(IVAO) completes a Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) designated training workshop ormedia training course?

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(406) If there is reportable information available on the casualty report that would be of interest tofamily members or of value to the addresses of the report, do not label any itema.

(406) Who must obtain conclusive evidence before reporting the death of an individual? (404) Which organization ensures squadron commanders are provided casualty servicesinformation and training during the Commander’s Orientation Program? (404) Ensuring all casualty services personnel at serviced geographically separated units (GSU),and casualty augmentation support team (CAST) members are trained to handle supplementalinstructions, messages for reporting casualties, and notification is the responsibility of thea. (406) When obtaining conclusive evidence of death, what information is not consideredreasonable doubt that an individual could not have survived? AFSUPDODR 5400.7, Freedom of Information Act Program.c. (406) What module in the Defense Casualty Information Processing System (DCIPS)-Forward isthe process in which we collect data for the initial and subsequent supplement death messages? (406) The Defense Casualty Information Processing System (DCIPS)-Forward provides a userfriendlyapplication designed to assist casualty personnel in preparing casualty reports withoutexcessivea. (403) In unusual circumstances, it may be appropriate to honor deceased military members otherthan Air Force personnel (Army, Navy, or Marine Corps). (403) Which organization does not have the authority under the Air Force memorializationprogram to name streets, buildings, rooms and facilities? religion, age, home address, date of birth, and gender.b. (404) Once the casualty assistance representative (CAR) notifies the family members ofcasualties, he or she provides the mortuary services officers and the public affairs (PA) office themember’sa.


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