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So, a copy constructor always has one parameter, which is of the same type as the class itself.It is always passed by reference, as well (it has to be -- since to pass by value, we must invoke a copy constructor, and this is what we are defining!

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a class), then the assignment operator should be overloaded for the class.

The task done by the assignment operator is very similar to that of a copy constructor, but there are a couple of differences.

2) Also, an assignment operator also returns the value that was assigned (the copy constructor has no return). In the statement: The first operation is (c = 4), and this operation returns the assigned value (4), so that the result can be used as an operand in the next assignment (b = 4).

This value should be returned by reference when overloading for objects.

This is the situation in which a shallow copy is not sufficient.

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For instance, if the original object is storing the address 1024 in entry List, the copy will also get the 1024, and therefore the copy will be pointing to the original dynamic data!

Deep Copy: The default version of the copy constructor (created by the compiler) makes what is known as a shallow copy.

This simply means that the object is copied exactly as is -- each member data value is copied exactly over to the corresponding member data location in the new object.

The automatic versions of the Copy Constructor and the Assignment operator overload are similar to each other, and their default versions are always built in a standard way.

A copy constructor IS a constructor, so it is a function with the same name as the class and no return type (just like any constructor).


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