Assignment Of Patents

Assigning patents can be a great way for companies to generate revenue and reduce risks associated with intellectual property ownership.

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Find out how you qualify for Chapter 7 debt relief, what you should do before you file, how debts are classified, what will happen to your property, and more.

Knowing your bankruptcy property exemptions can help you keep important property, and minimize what you pay to creditors.

As with any property right, multiple owners make for multiple legal scenarios.

For example, co-owners have to join together to bring a patent Infringementlicensing: a co-owner can license its patent rights to a third party, independent of the other co-owner(s), unless they have an agreement otherwise.

Co-owners can independently sell, mortgage, transfer, and will their rights to a patent.

To avoid these kinds of issues, most attorneys recommend that a single entity be the patent owner.And what about when you have more debts than assets?Get the skinny on how the courts settle your debt when you die.Here are the requirements for a valid written assignment: Though the agreement is a legal document, it does not need to be notarized.However, obtaining notarization for the signatures provides added protection, limiting the risk of a party later claiming a signature was not valid.Learn about the various types of exemptions, which ones you can use, and how they can benefit you in either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.You've done all the research and made sure your assets will be distributed to your heirs, but what happens to your credit card debt?Companies also assign rights for issued patents, which relieves the assignor of the burden of enforcing their intellectual property and provides a source of revenue.Patent assignments can be lucrative for both parties.In the US, the inventor is presumed to be the initial owner of a patent or patent application.If there is more than one inventor, there may be more than one owner. If your company values Intellectual Property [IP]Joint ownership of patent rights can be complicated.


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