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It all is correct after about 10 seconds you will see the report on sheet 1. Reports("Historical\Agent\Trace by Location") If Info Is Nothing Then If cvs Srv. Public Sub CMSConn() Dim cvs App As Object Dim cvs Conn As Object Dim cvs Srv As Object Dim Rep As Object Dim Info As Object, Log As Object, b As Object Set cvs App = Create Object("Application") Set cvs Conn = Create Object("Connection") Set cvs Srv = Create Object("Server") Set Rep = Create Object("Report") server Address = "cms" mydate = "23/04/2010" User Name = "your User Name" pass W = "your Password" agent Name = "agent Name" If cvs App. Interactive Then Msg Box "The Report " & "Historical\Agent\Trace by Location" & " was not found on ACD 1", vb Critical Or vb OKOnly, "Centre Vu Supervisor" Else Set Log = Create Object("ACSERR.cvslog") Log.

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Add "True","_Dur Secs" On Error Resume Next Dim sk(14, 1) Sk(0, 0) = "71" sk(0,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill71.txt" sk(1, 0) = "2" sk(1,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill2.txt" sk(2, 0) = "21" sk(2,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill21.txt" sk(3, 0) = "31" sk(3,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill31.txt" sk(4, 0) = "15" sk(4,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill15.txt" sk(5, 0) = "50" sk(5,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill50.txt" sk(6, 0) = "42" sk(6,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\Hskill42.txt" sk(7, 0) = "51" sk(7,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill51.txt" sk(8, 0) = "52" sk(8,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill52.txt" sk(9, 0) = "32" sk(9,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill32.txt" sk(10, 0) = "1" sk(10,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill1.txt" sk(11, 0) = "11" sk(11,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill11.txt" sk(12, 0) = "54" sk(12,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill54.txt" sk(13, 0) = "30" sk(13,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill30.txt" sk(14, 0) = "17" sk(14,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill17.txt" for i = 1 to 15 cvs Srv. Auto Log Write "The report Historical\Split/Skill\Summary Interval was not found on ACD 1." Set Log = Nothing End If Else b = cvs Srv.

Interactive Then Msg Box "The report Historical\Split/Skill\Summary Interval was not found on ACD 1.", vb Critical Or vb OKOnly, "Avaya CMS Supervisor" Else Set Log = Create Object("Log") Log.

Add "The report Historical\Split/Skill\Summary Interval was not found on ACD 1.","_Report Not Found" '## Parameters.

Add "C:\CMS Scripts\skill.txt","_Output" '## Parameters.

This is a basic example but the logic can be followed for all other reports.

It is also worth while looking inside the script that Avaya generates, open it with Notepad and have a look at the code it contains, it is written in Visual Basic.

One other question - do you know how you would refresh (or simulate a refresh) a historical report via VBA?

I'm making some progress with Access, but there are some slightly different behaviors I'm noticing. It has a restart in the menu which is kind of what I'm thinking, restart it, feed it the .

So after some research I found out that we can use the Avaya objects from Excel to automate these reports. You should see the auto code completer come up with possible options. Count) '''''' we set a reference to the server here Call do Rep("Historical\Split/Skill\Summary Interval", sk) This Workbook.

I was able to automate most of my daily, weekly and monthly reports and what used to take me hours to complete I can now finish in seconds with one click. Dim cvs App As New Application Dim cvs Conn As New Connection Dim cvs Srv As New Server Dim Rep As New Report Dim Info As Object, Log As Object, b As Object The rest of the coding will be the same...


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