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By fourteen twenty-eight they had Azcopotzlaco itself with the help of neighboring allies.

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This guide is intended to help students begin researching topics related to Ancient Mesoamerica.

It is specific to sources available at Sacramento State University.

Before we move on, there are two things we would like you to know: So, make yourself comfortable because we're about to set out on a journey to uncover the secrets of one of the greatest civilizations of the ancient times — the Aztecs.

A nation's culture is based on religious beliefs, and the Aztecs were no exception to this rule.

Let's look at some other not-so-cool facts about the Aztecs that you may include in your essay.

As mentioned above, Tenochtitlan was the most significant city of the Aztecs where their gods and goddesses preferred to spend time.That may be something worth writing about, so why not check out some of the topics below to include in your writing?Now, after having read the facts on this page, composing an essay about Aztecs culture is not the same perplexing task as it seemed at the beginning.Their history is full of episodes associated with religion, and many of their dogmas are prevalent even in present-day society.Let's consider some of the basic facts of the religion of these people.They started as a small struggling village continually fighting with other Mexican city-states. Aztec Empire At first the Aztecs where ruled by the mightiest of the city-states in central Mexico known as Azcapotzlaco.They helped Azcapotzlaco to conquer surrounding territory in the early fourteen hundreds.Below them were four social classes, nobles, commoners, serfs and slaves.Nobles: the nobles owned private plots of land or shared land with other families.Commoners: The commoners were the largest group who included priests, merchants, artisans, and farmers who held land in common with the nobles.Serfs: The majority of the serfs farmed the nobles land.


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