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- In this review, I will discuss an article “Only child – Lonely or selfish? Because considering of the human impact on a fragile environment, limiting family size makes sense now more than ever, this article is an affirmation of what so many families see as a quite reasonable path.It’s also an interesting article for people as an only child and others’ perception of the only child.They don’t have to share a room with anyone, as it is sometimes the case in families with several children.

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I knew she was going to ecstatic when we told her the good news.

One evening, after we ate dinner we sat in the living room and I told her that I had to tell her something very important.

It is generally known that people who were are often arrogant and more dependent on their parents than the ones who are used to sharing atmosphere and less attention from parents.

They are more independent, used to caring about other people and don’t lack communication, as the only child often does.

Even though it is great to have personal space and time to oneself, an only child will never feel as though they will ALWAYS have someone their own age to talk to. No other kids to keep at home, and no others to send away.

Sometimes kids get away with it, other times they don’t. Even though it is great being an only child, I wish I could have had a brother or sister. When I see my friends with their sister or brothers, I understand that what they have is quite special.I succeeded to become an independent and self-confident person owing to proper upbringing, but now I really miss such a person in my life.Throughout the history, there always existed and exists a kind of people who would rather count somebody else’s money than earn a little bit of their own.However, for many of them acquiring good marks is not the only worry.Unlike the lucky minority from wealthy families, they must also think about the ways of getting money to pay for their education. Each of them is brought up in different circumstances and situations, which influences their character greatly, as well as defines a lot in their future.They get more expensive things than their friends who have siblings, as their parents don’t have to save money to buy toys for several children.They don’t have to take care of their younger brother or sister.They don’t have to do anything that they don’t want to do.As for me, who is the only child in the family, I wish my situation was the opposite.I always wanted a brother or sister to care about them and to have someone to fight with.


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