Biographical Essay Examples

Pay attention to any strong opinions, especially if they’re contradictory or opposing of your main subject.

Create an outline of your future paper because it must follow a standard 5-paragraph format that includes body paragraphs in addition to concluding and introductory paragraphs.

My son (senior in high school but dual-enrolling in math) was assigned a biographical essay over some minority in the field of math/science in his calculus class. Unfortunately, this son hasn't had as much experience with IEW as my older boys.

I could use some pointers on where to look for instructions on how to get him started. Communications, High school essay intensive, and SICC-C (but it is loaned out right now.

A concluding paragraph of your paper should show a lasting impact that they had on the world.

Biographical Essay Examples

You can write long and short biographies, so everything depends on the assignment prompts that you receive.

Writers are likely to have different information and opinions about the chosen person, so you need to read a number of sources to stay unbiased in your biography essay.

When doing your research, take notes of significant dates, facts, names, and events.

First, you need to tell readers a story about life, and it can include different events, places, and people who had any major impact on the chosen person.

Be as detailed as possible to let readers feel like they keep watching actual events.


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