Blanche Streetcar Named Desire Essay

Her life was ruined by a man and ends in another man's hands.

Her illusions, aristocratic sensibilities and desperate search for emotional stability had no place in a world of Kovalskis, where illusions must be destroyed and primitive desires dominate.

She hopes to capture him by presenting herself as a young, innocent and na�ve girl.

He, who seems to aspire to some higher value and takes care of his ill mother is happy to find a worthy woman to be his wife. Conclusion The last moment of the play when Blanche is taken to the mental institution echoes her life philosophy: as she leaves, she says, " I have always depended on the kindness of strangers" (Williams, Scene Eleven), and she goes with the doctor who is a stranger and seems to be a gentleman.

She is intensely self-conscious and a performer in the utmost sense.

We meet Blanche at a point in her life where few, if any, of her actions do not seem contrived or performed to some extent.On the whole, there remains only one question about Blanche's real nature: what kind of person was she, a depraved, wicked woman who fell in her own trap or an innocent, na�ve girl in a world that is not able of understanding and compassion?Probably she would like to be such a girl but the unfortunate events of her life and her weak character lead her on the wrong way.Despite the wish to dominate and seduce all men, she ended as an object in their hand.She needed them to survive because a woman could not live a successful life on her own those days (? Blanche is unable to get over the past and she fails to face the present or the future, thus slips into insanity. Troubled from her past, Blanche has a sence of falseness, which increasingly becomes apparent to Stanley.Her secrets are revealed, and this unveals a haunting past, and insecurities which were unknown to Stella.But Stella's incomprehensible return into Stanley's arms explains clearly that their marriage is based on pure physical attraction.Blanche is amazed and confused, becoming a threat to their marriage.She seems to be very disillusioned and unsatisfied with the Kovalski's home and the neighborhood they live in, though she cannot afford a hotel as she's out of money.She is quite unaware at first that with her snobbish social pretensions she criticizes them and cannot even realize that she is 'a monkey on their back'.


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