Bullying Essay Outline

The Internet opened the world of unique opportunities and possibilities, as well as of new dangers.Nowadays, we face a new way of bullying that is cyber bullying.Mishna (2012) states “The families of children who bully are prone to lack warmth or be excessively permissive”.

Often victims of bullying have low self-confidence, poor social skills and are socially withdrawn.

They can also be hyper-sensitive to the actions of other, and are usually dependent on their parents and adult figures.

According to Mishna (2012), “Children cannot so readily be laced into a category such as “the bully” or “the victim’”.

However, there are some general characteristics and behaviors that children who bully may exhibit.

Tons of people, especially teenagers, become the victims of aggression, embarrassment and harassment online.

The worst thing is that many do not even realize that they are being bullied.

Children that bully may have experienced and witnessed bullying in their own home among siblings or parents, or may be bullied by other students at school.

Lack of support and closeness from family and friends, can lead to a child acting out.

Some personality and behavior risk factors can be low self-esteem, aggressive behavior, lack of empathy, harassment from others, physical strength, and a low tolerance of others actions. What characteristics and behaviors might a victim of bullying have?

Some characteristics and behaviors of bullying victims may include exhibiting insecurity, being an introvert, having special needs or a learning disability, or being smaller and weaker.


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