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Studying business ethics makes them aware of these possibilities and they learn how to deal with such situations.

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Please pick up a copy of (1) the study problems and (2) the handout materials (cases and rulings), on the west side of the second floor of Storey Hall next to room 207 (will be available beginning Wednesday, January 9th).

The first class will meet on Tuesday, January 15th. Then go to Lesson 11A (Type A Reorganizations beginning on page 67), read the first five cases in the handout materials, and work problem 1 on page 68 (skip the alternatives in problem 1). Bring your Code and Regulations to the first class.

(4) Answer the Online Diagnostic Test (MBE Pre-test): upload to the Matrix system by pm on Sunday, January 13.

To access the MBE Pre-test, access the “Link to Take MBE Pre-Test” in the MBE Pre-Test module on Matrix (the first module in the Matrix classroom).

For instance, you might be lacking factual data needed to work out a part of your project. Students sometimes do not have a clear understanding of the subject they are supposed to work on.

For instance, you cannot create an assignment on business laws unless you are aware of what those laws are.

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