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The Service and Products One thing that is always consistent with On the Water is their impeccable service.

We also require $69,000 of start-up assets, which includes $22,000 cash and $45,000 of long-term assets.

The start-up costs are to be financed some by direct owner investment, as well as with the help of a major investor.

On the Water’s services are all delivered in their extraordinary atmosphere which includes a comprehensive art and culture collection from Mediterranean Europe. The menu contains traditional favorites such as hummus, baba ganouj, and tabouli.

This provides an authentic surrounding that at times seems to distract everyone as they analyze the wealth of artifacts on display. These favorites are differentiated through the use of the freshest organic ingredients.

Most people are not aware of how much better the items taste when they are prepared with the freshest ingredients and made with love.

Other menu items are kebobs, chutneys, flat breads and desserts. Management The restaurant is led by Lily Valdivia, an industry veteran.Click here to view this full business plan On the Water is a new Mediterranean restaurant on the Sunset Strip.On the Water will target both fun-seeking as well as sophisticated diners looking for good food in a fascinating atmosphere.Lily came from a large family and it quickly became her responsibility to cook for the entire family.Her mother, who had three generations of traditional recipes, trained her.The general demographics are males and females ages 20-50 with some or all of a college education.In addition to local Hollywood area people, On the Water will also serve party animals from neighboring cities and tourists.There will be a special focus on young adults with K-K of income looking for good food and a great time.In addition to the young adults with money to spend, On the Water will also be targeting adults and tourists known to frequent Sunset Blvd.She knew one day she would have to parlay this skill into a business opportunity.On The Water is a business that envelopes fine dining of unique mediterranean taste and an excellent bar and grill atmosphere.


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