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It’s very natural to feel writing a business plan as a big task, especially if you’re starting a business without a financial background.

We will make a real diagnosis, identifying the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats of our project, take your team, schedule couple hours or days until the job is done, write objectives in each box and be honest with you.

Balance Score Card is a Strategic Planning Performance Management Tool, normally used to track execution and results of projects.

Then be specific about your advantages over your competition, the experts in your company, what would be the location of your plant and stores, etc.

This is the section where you can (and should) boast about the accomplishments you’ve achieved and your strengths that will guarantee your success.

Any business plan will always consist of these elements: Executive Summary: An executive summary of your business plan is where the readers will get a short description of what your company is and why it will be successful.

Keep the summary short yet informational, cover your business’ mission statement, description of your product or service, and basic information of your companies leadership team.Then in the execution stage, do not stop, run, follow the steps and try to execute everything in the correct order, for at the right time to evaluate results with an interdisciplinary committee, never take it personally, the idea is to grow, sometimes it is better to live in peace and make money than to be right, accept recommendations from your financiers, find a financial friend and ask them to tell you the truth of your results.When analyzing goals, demand to the maximum, the goals must be difficult to achieve, but not impossible. There’s a whole lot of planning behind successful businesses, and you need to create a business development plan that will cover all the aspects of your startup.Improvisation is an excellent skill to have while running a startup but having a key outline to your financial plan and business strategy will always be more beneficial.Look for external financing, partners of a better financial level than yours with which you can grow.There are business fairs that are searching for Startups with structure and projection to invest in them, there is a lot of capital in the hands of investors that is yielding 2% or 3% in banks and there are many ways of financing projects that seek more profit than the bank. Ing PAÚL MELEÁN, Industrial Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in production plants, Former CEO and Partner of companies of Import, Export and Distribution of products in America, Former CFO of investment companies in products of the futures exchange and Stocks.Approaching investors with such ready-to-use templates is not a good idea.They see such business models from several other entrepreneurs every day.Strategic Planning Expert supporting business sector in Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Panama and EEUU. Many entrepreneurs have thought that they can do without an extensive business strategy and just make it up as they go.


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