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Sigismund is cruelly isolated and alone most of his days, save for the frequent visits by his tutor and prison guard, Clothold.

While Rossaura and Bugle marvel in confusion at the predicament of Sigismund, King Vasily chooses to tell his niece, Stella, and nephew, Aistulf, the truth about his son, who was declared stillborn at his birth and hidden away immediately.

Rossaura as well finds fair treatment, with the help of others who support her unshakeable desire for respect and honor.

According to Kidd, “his prose translation of Pedro Calderón de la Barca’s La vida es sueño is envisioned as both a classroom text and a script for performance” (xi).

Plot Summary La vida es sueño, or, Life’s a Dream, by Pedro Calderón de la Barca, is one of Spain’s most well-known plays.

First published and first produced in 1636, during the heyday of Spain’s golden age of literature, Life is a Dream is a play in verse that intertwines a complex family drama with a tale of honor and vengeance.Rosaura walks through the mountains of Poland, dressed as a man.She finds Clarín, a jester, who tries to make her forget how miserably Poland receives visitors.The play's central themes are the conflict between free will and fate, as well as restoring one's honor (NADV1). The play has been adapted for other stage works, in film and as a novel.It remains one of Calderón's best-known and most studied works. and the gold and silver that Spain took from its possessions in the New World were not adequate to sustain its subsequent decades of heavy military expenses.Spain's power was rapidly waning by the time Calderón wrote Life Is a Dream.Another current that permeated Spanish thinking was the radical departure from the medieval ideal that royal power resided in God's will, as noted in Machiavelli's The Prince (1532).Inside the tower, Rossaura and Bugle discover a prisoner, soon to be revealed as a prince and the son of King Vasily, who is also an astrologer.The stars had predicted that Prince Sigismund would eventually overthrow his father, so the king locked his son in the tower in order to prevent this from occurring.However, even many fans of the play don’t realize that there’s a second version, written late in Calderon’s life, that incorporates many of the same speeches and themes but also transforms other aspects of the play.George Drance, co-director Kelly Johnston, and Magis Theatre Company are producing Calderon’s two versions of the play together for the first time at La Ma Ma in New York, and he joined the podcast to talk about the production.


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