Carbon Emissions Essay

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e., the more the economic importance of the sector, the more it uses fossil fuels, and when it raises its carbon intensity, in the future the use of fossil fuel may rise.

On the other hand, positive shocks on energy intensity tend to reduce the percentage of fossil fuels used.

Many environmental experts, however, argue that it often saves energy to buy food that is produced naturally in faraway places than consuming food grown locally in greenhouses.

In your home you can contribute to saving energy by turning off lights if you don’t need them or by avoiding the use of air conditioners, which contribute a lot to global warming and emit CFCs that destroy the ozone layer.

You can measure your carbon footprint by using a calculator that you can find on various websites.

It shows you in which way your living habits damage the environment.It is also vital to persuade others to take the same steps that you do.Only if we concentrate on reducing carbon emissions together can we hope to make our environment better.In the third essay, the Tourism Industry in Portugal over 1996-2009 period was examined, specifically two groups of subsectors that affect the impacts on CO2 emissions intensity.The generalized variance decomposition and the impulse response functions pointed to sectors that affect tourism more directly, i. a bidirectional causality between the intensity of emissions and energy intensity.In fourth essay, we conducted an analysis to identify the effects that contribute to the intensity of GHG emissions (EI) in agriculture as well as their development.With that aim, we used the 'complete decomposition' technique in the 1995-2008 periods, for a set of European countries.In the first essay, we used the 'complete decomposition' technique to examine CO2 emissions intensity and its components, considering 36 economic sectors and the 1996-2009 periods in Portugal.The industry (in particular 5 industrial sectors) is contributing largely to the effects of variation of CO2 emissions intensity.We concluded, among others, the emissions intensity reacts more significantly to shocks in the weight of fossil fuels in total energy consumption compared to shocks in other variables.In the second essay, we conducted an analysis for 16 industrial sectors (Group A) and for the group of the 5 most polluting manufacturing sectors (Group B) based on the convergence examination for emissions intensity and its main drivers, as well as on an econometric analysis.


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