Catamaran Fibeglass Thesis

But unlike the automotive industry, boats are not manufactured in units numbering millions, rather 10's and 100's at best.Because of this, design faults are spread over a very wide array of different builders and tens of thousands different models over the years so that rarely do major design errors ever become widely documented.

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These decks are not "hull covers" but designed as structural elements.

These race boats are true monocoque structures because the hull and deck structures are not screwed or bolted together, but literally bonded together to become one piece.

A discussion of these similarities will help us to better understand the forces that act on a boat hull, and the structural principles required to build one.

Boats are similar to bridges in that the hull must have a framing system to support it because the hull itself, like a bridge, spans a fluid substance.

There is no better illustration of this than the offshore racer type boat, a long skinny hull equipped with tremendous horsepower.

In the so-called "cigarette" type boat, the deck provides a major part of the hull strength that, lacking a strong deck, the hull would buckle.

Aircraft don't fly off the tops of waves; boats do.

While the bottoms of hulls take the major brunt of stresses, and must be designed to withstand them, the monocoque construction still plays a major role in providing strength to the overall structure.

The skin of the aircraft and the framing system are so closely integrated that they essentially become one structure and its hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

Modern jet aircraft are essentially flying pipes with wings, and it is from this engineering principle that they gain their strength, despite the extremely light construction.


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