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If you have been a rancher all your life, this article may be elementary to you or it may give you some opportunity to reflect on how and why you have gotten to where you are.Homework and Planning is the Key Just because a new cattle producer is, in fact, new or has been away from the industry for a while does not mean that they have to come into an enterprise with their eyes closed.I don't know too many people that consider throwing money out the window a recreational sport.

Just like any new business it is very important to develop a business plan.

This provides a road-map for you to follow as you go into your project.

This is highly unlikely given the amount of resources (especially the land) and time required to produce one animal all the way through this process.

It might be possible on a limited scale but in order to produce all the cattle needed to supply a packing house which slaughters 3500 head per day (i.e.

2) I like the lifestyle and/or it's something I'm interested in.

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3) I've inherited the family farm/ranch and would really like to get it running again.

For instance it can be positioned between the ranch and a stocker operation, between the ranch and a feedlot or between a stocker operation and a feedlot.

5) Feedlot This operation feeds cattle from a relatively light weight to a finished weight as dictated by the market and provides cattle for slaughter 6) Meat Packer processor of fattened or finished cattle and sells the meat products to wholesalers or retailers.

Often times this is coupled with someone who has inherited the family farm or who has decided to invest some of their hard-earned dollars into farming and ranching property and would subsequently like to start running a few cows.

Guessing there are probably more folks out there who are in this or a similar position I wanted to share a few thoughts on how one might go about starting from scratch.


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