Causes Of Drunk Driving Essay

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Inexperienced drivers should go to driving school and get the experience and knowledge that they need so that they can be safe and make the roads safer for other people who are on the road as well.Insurance companies will appreciate you taking driving school and acknowledge this by lowering your insurance.Driving drunk is never a good idea, if a member of the police catches you drinking and driving or suspects that you are under the influence they will pull you over and ask for some simple tests, such as a breathalyzer test that calculates your blood alcohol concentration levels.

Some advanced age drivers are better than most, some do not look when they proceed through an uncontrolled intersection because they forgot to look or they do not always look around them when they are driving and are not aware of their surroundings and this can become very dangerous for the driver and also other drivers on the road.

Drug-impaired driving is becoming a much more common issue on Canada's streets, and the number of people driving after taking drugs is greater than those who drive after drinking.

Six types of impaired driving are alcohol, advance age, drugs, emotions, fatigue, and inexperience.

All of these impaired driving circumstances can be avoided by making the right choice and by using common sense.

Driving school is recommended for all young drivers to give them the experience that they need and also the knowledge they need to become safe and alert drivers.

For example, an inexperienced driver coming up to a stop sign might not know who’s right of way it is and possibly cause an accident.

Your mind could be on something else rather than seeing that pedestrian or seeing that light turn red.

It is very important that you should not drive when you are in an emotional state!

Being fatigued can cause your eyes to get heavy and sometimes cause you to fall asleep in the driver’s seat.

This is dangerous because you could go off the road or even go into oncoming traffic. Inexperience is a common cause of accidents in Canada.


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