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It can be used to identify the average impact of psychotherapy homework on treatment outcomes across numerous studies.The results of four meta-analyses listed below highlight the value of homework in therapy: Taken together, the research suggests that the addition of homework to psychotherapy enhances its effectiveness, and that clients who consistently complete homework assignments tend to have better mental health outcomes.

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Examples of disputing questions include: After multiple sessions of CBT training, patients learn to monitor their own thoughts and perform the disputing process on their own outside of therapy sessions.

To continue with our example, the cognitive therapist would take an automatic thought generated by our depressed person such as "everyone hates me", and help her to examine the basis of that thought.

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Homework is an important component of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based treatments for psychological symptoms.

Cognitive behavioral therapists teach their patients to identify debate and then correct their irrational ideas.

The disputing process involves teaching patients to systematically ask and answer a set of questions designed to draw out whether particular ideas have any basis.CBT therapists determine whether patients' behaviors are problematic or if they appear to have skill or coping deficits.Therapists then recommend alternative behaviors as appropriate, and educate patients in missing skill sets.For ease of remembering, these steps are identified by the first letters of the alphabet: A, B, C, D, and E.In Ellis' scheme the "A" stands for Activating experiences, such as interpersonal relationship problems, work stresses or dissatisfaction, memories of early childhood traumas, and other situations that a person views as immediate sources of unhappiness.Finally, although there is less research on this issue, the quality of homework may matter as much as the amount of homework completed. The relationship between homework compliance and therapy outcomes: An updated meta-analysis. To enhance the quality of homework, homework assignments should relate directly to a specific goal, the process should be explained with clarity by the therapist, its method should be rehearsed in session, and opportunities for thoughtful out-of-session practice should be scheduled with ideas about how to eliminate obstacles to completion. T., Moore, R., Roesch, S., Cardenas, V., & Patterson, T. Without homework, the insights, plans, and good intentions that emerge during a therapy session are at risk of being buried by patterns of negative thinking and behavior that have been strengthened through years of inadvertent rehearsal.Is an hour (or less) of therapeutic work enough to create change during the other 167 hours in a week?During therapy sessions, cognitive therapists will teach patients how to Dispute (e.g., the "D" step) the irrational beliefs, so that they may develop positive psychological Effects (the "E" step) of rational beliefs.Though the above ABCDE scheme is due to Ellis, a therapist working according to Aaron Beck's version of CBT would teach essentially the same procedure.


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