Charles Lamb Romantic Essayist

Leicester's School; and Poetry for Children (1809).

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Unlike Addison and Steele, who largely devoted the essay to instruct on social morals and manners, Lamb concentrated on emotions rather than ideas or morals and manners.

His important essays are He was also one of the most important prose writers of Romantic Age.

His reputation still rests on his autobiographical writings.

He translated German ideas and literature for his age.

He was then for a year or 2 in the South Sea House, where his elder brother John was a clerk.

Thence he was in 1792 transferred to the India House, where he remained until 1825, when he retired with a pension of 2/3 of his salary. Salt died in 1792, and the family, consisting of the father, mother, Charles, and his sister Mary, 10 years his senior, lived together in somewhat straitened circumstances.A comprehensive definition which would cover essays as different as those of Bacon, Addison, Lamb etc. Many other writers too, tried to define essay, but they too could explain only one or two aspects of the essay.A definition that covers a vast proportion of essay is- Though Romantic Age is essentially the age of poetry prose also saw significant development.Godwin to assist him in his "Juvenile Library," and to this he, with the assistance of his sister, contributed the now famous Tales from Shakespeare, Charles doing the tragedies and Mary the comedies.In 1808 they wrote, again for children, The Adventures of Ulysses, a version of the Odyssey; Mrs.Meantime the brother and sister were leading a life clouded by poverty and by the anxieties arising from the condition of the latter, and they moved about from one lodging to another.Lamb's literary ventures so far had not yielded much either in money or fame, but in 1807 he was asked by W.The writers of Romantic Age, on contrary to them, drew inspirations from the past and justified their statements by experiences of primitive and medieval ages.Charles Lamb gave English Essay, the same kind of turn that Wordsworth gave to English poetry.Characters do things that might seem irrational because it is really what they want to do.Writers of the Neo-classical Age created their works on the basis of reason and morality.


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