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He explores the similarities between Mc Candless' experiences and motivations, and his own as a young man, recounting in detail Krakauer's own attempt to climb Devils Thumb in Alaska.Krakauer also relates the stories of some other young men who vanished into the wilderness, such as Everett Ruess, an artist and wanderer who went missing in the Utah desert during 1934, at age 20.On September 6, 1992, Christopher Mc Candless' body was found inside an abandoned bus in Alaska ( One year later, author Jon Krakauer retraced Mc Candless' steps during the two years between college graduation and his demise in Alaska. He spent time in Carthage, South Dakota, laboring for months in a grain elevator owned by Wayne Westerberg before hitchhiking to Alaska.

He explores the similarities between Mc Candless' experiences and motivations, and his own as a young man, recounting in detail Krakauer's own attempt to climb Devils Thumb in Alaska.

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Since Mc Candless lived on a diet of rice, lean meat, and wild plants and had less than 10% body fat when he died, Krakauer hypothesized that Mc Candless was likely unable to fend off the toxins.

However, when the Eskimo potatoes from the area around the bus were later tested in a laboratory of the University of Alaska Fairbanks by Dr. Krakauer later modified his hypothesis, suggesting that mold of the variety Rhizoctonia leguminicola may have caused Mc Candless's death.

Following chemical analysis of the seeds, Krakauer now believes that the seeds themselves are poisonous.

A film adaptation was released in September 2007, directed by Sean Penn and starring Emile Hirsch as Mc Candless.

If Mc Candless had eaten seeds that contained this mold, he could have become sick, and Krakauer suggests that he thus became unable to get out of bed and so starved.

His basis for the mold hypothesis is a photograph that shows seeds in a bag.In addition to neurological symptoms, such as weakness and loss of coordination, the poison causes starvation by blocking nutrient metabolism in the body.However, Krakauer later suggested that Mc Candless had not confused the two plants and had in fact actually eaten Hedysarum alpinum.Although he planned to hike to the coast, the boggy terrain of summer proved too difficult, and he decided instead to camp in a derelict camping bus left by a construction company.In July, he tried to leave, only to find the route blocked by a snow-melt raging river.The book was adapted to a film of the same name in 2007, directed by Sean Penn with Emile Hirsch starring as Mc Candless.Into the Wild is an international bestseller which has been printed in 30 languages and 173 editions and formats.He declined an acquaintance's offer to buy him sturdier clothing and better supplies.Mc Candless perished sometime around the week of August 18, 1992, after surviving more than 100 days.Mc Candless' story is also the subject of the documentary by Ron Lamothe named The Call of the Wild (2007).In his study of Mc Candless' death, Lamothe concludes that Mc Candless ran out of supplies and game, and starved to death, instead of being poisoned by eating the seeds of the wild potato.


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