Church Business Plan

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These are broad bodies of water with complex ecosystems and each is a world of its own. To make the bridge to church, the better analogy might be a lake.

There are over 112 millions lakes in the world larger than half an acre.

Two weeks ago, I looked at a current strategic planning document for a church.

In addition to a statement of mission and values, the plan contained 5 overarching objectives and 22 goals. The problem with "too much: is that the only person who benefits is the executive pastor type or board member with a high need for control.

So, when someone insists we not run the church like a business, I understand his or her heart and intent.

Church Business Plan

Our goal is not to adopt secular principles in place of biblical principles.

The planning may be called lots of things like: In addition to the variety of names, the planning may be spawned for numerous reasons like facility planning, attendance decline, website design, or capital campaign initiatives to name a few.

But whatever you call it and and whatever got the process started, Many pastors confess that the outcome of strategic planning is left wanting. Because a well designed vision process is one of the most exciting things to lead and experience.

Perhaps the best way to describe idea of broad yet specific is to think of oceans.

There are five oceans in the world, Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Southern.


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