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The reading comprehension portion of the exam tests for basic and advanced reading comprehension skills, as well as reading for main ideas.

Most schools test their incoming students using the three basic writing, reading and math tests.

To pass, students must score 35 in writing and reading and 33 in math.

Advanced tests in elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, college algebra and geometry each ask 25 questions.

Calculators are not permitted on the basic numerical skills test, but they are permitted on the advanced math tests.

Tips from ACT include making sure test takers read the passage in its entirety before answering questions, rereading selections as needed and rereading sentences before and after a sentence in question to make sure one understands the context of the words in the sentence.

The Numerical Skills Test asks 32 questions and measures skills in basic math and pre-algebra.

The Career Programs Assessment Test (CPAt), the ASSET test program, COMPASS and ACCUPLACER are college placement tests used by community colleges, technical and vocational schools, career and other colleges to determine an incoming student’s scholastic strengths and weaknesses and to help students select the most appropriate courses.

Students generally take these exams as part of the admissions process after being accepted. All four are all approved by the US Department of Education for Ability-to-Benefit (ATB) students.

This section has 24 questions that follow reading passages.

Questions may ask one to determine the meaning of a word in a particular paragraph or ask about the main idea.


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