Complex Analysis Homework Solutions

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Week 6: B&C Chapter 7 Calculation of integrals using the residue theorem.

Note that Incomplete grades can only be given to UC Berkeley students, and only if you have a passing grade on the work not missed.

Week 7: B&C 8, 9 Mappings defined by elementary functions. Week 8: B&C Chapter 9 (continued), 10 Applications of conformal mapping to Dirichlet and Neumann problems.

Winding number, argument principle and Rouché's theorem. Harmonic conjugates, transformation of harmonic functions and boundary conditions by a conformal map.

Covers the material on homework assignments 1 through 4, that is, Chapter 1 through Chapter 4 §53 in the text, omitting §28-29.

Special topic: the Riemann zeta function Midterm Exam: Thursday, July 17 in both class hours.

The b Space page for this class is MATH 185 LEC 001 Su14. (6/24) On Problem Set 1, there is a typo in the book on problem 11.6. Homework: 20% Midterm exam: 35% Final Exam: 45% No make-up exams or homework extensions will be given.

It should say to factor z Analytic functions of a complex variable. If you miss an exam without a documented valid reason, you will receive a score of 0 on the midterm, or a grade of F for the class if you miss the final.

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