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It helps to review such details with your instructor prior to getting started with research.

In many cases you can get a brief idea from your instructor what use for your paper.

David Walker, Room 211 - Sabbatical during the 2019-2020 AY Dr. For example, a path in the graph represents a chain of feasibility results.

Various graph theory concepts, when applied to this graph, yield interesting insights for researchers.

Here is a list of professors outside the computer science department who are eager to work with computer science undergraduates.

Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Room 406 - Sabbatical during the 2019-2020 AY Asst. This can be accomplished by having a second co-advisor within the computer science department or by contacting the independent work supervisor about the project and having he or she sign the independent work proposal form. Unsurprisingly, machine learning methods used for automated screening of resumes or automated risk scoring of criminal defendants turn out to be biased against some groups. The Bitcoin blockchain is an unprecedented public log of financial transactions — 150 gigabytes and growing quickly. Can we do a forensic analysis of well-known thefts of bitcoins to discover where the money went? The edges in this graph are the various feasibility results (such as block ciphers can be used to build secret key encryption). Machine learning captures patterns from training data, and that includes societal prejudices such as racial and gender stereotypes. My research group has built a research tool called In more detail, the various concepts in cryptography (encryption, signatures, hash functions, etc) are nodes in a directed graph.If you like to use the computer then it may be easier for you to learn various commands to help you follow a specific style while writing.Your research paper will likely have important instructions for you to follow that can give some insight on what steps you should take.The formatting style may also play a role in how you references are presented, title page development, and how other parts of your research paper are displayed.Common formatting styles for research papers include APA, MLA, and Chicago style. However, every CS independent work project must have a strong computer science element (even if it has other scientific or artistic elements as well.) To do a project with an advisor outside of computer science you must have permission of the department. Sebastian Seung, Princeton Neuroscience Institute Room 153 Prof. We encourage students to look in to doing interdisciplinary computer science research and to work with professors in departments other than computer science. What other sensitive information can be inferred based on publicly available data using clever algorithms? This can be done by extracting the subtle, humanly imperceptible head motion caused by the influx of blood at each heart beat.


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