Concise Personal Leadership Statement

Now you’re ready to share your mission statement with others.If you have more than one passion project or work focus in life, try creating a statement to guide each one.It can live in your head, on your Linked In bio, or at the top of a resume.

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This is particularly essential when you work at a nonprofit and you may have too much work on your plate or your work requires emotional labor.

The nonprofit sector can be just as challenging as it can be rewarding, and it’s possible that you sometimes feel defeated or hopeless in your work—especially if it doesn’t align with your core values or the community you’re interested in serving.

This 1 to 2-sentence summary is held by almost all organizations, from Fortune 500 Companies like Walmart and Apple to nonprofit organizations and government municipalities.

In the spirit of embracing evolution of self and values, a personal mission statement should likewise change as you learn and grow as a person.

And working toward a clear vision that you can get behind makes your job exciting, motivating, meaningful and fun—even during the challenging periods. Even if you work for companies your entire life, you are in the process of building your own personal industry complete with core values, dreams and financial goals.

Successful people know this, and they establish mission and vision statements throughout their professional lives.

This is especially critical for mission statements of both nonprofit organizations and their employees because it helps to prioritize resources for beneficiaries who need them the most.

These examples explicitly call out the community that the organization or person seeks to serve.

What problems in the world are you committed to working against?

Try to define the specific customer or community you work with.


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