Corruption In Politics Essay

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Politicians try to rise and remain in power by any means right or wrong.

Most of the corruption in politics is done at the time of election.

All done only with the aim of rule on people or to be in ‘Power’ and for the fulfilment of this aim, they violate morals and ethical norms and evade law to gain political power.

Political corruption has become a dominant mode of corruption in modern time.

are rare who had very little bank balance at the time of death.

Money and politics have thus an “adulterous relationship”. While all political parties are guilty of seeking the support of trade and commerce and big business.- Joubert Corruption in the Indian society has prevailed from time immemorial in one form or the other.The basic inception of corruption started with our opportunistic leaders who have already done greater damage to our nation.People who work on right principles are unrecognized and considered to be foolish in the modern society.Corruption in India is a result of the connection between bureaucrats, politicians and criminals.Though, the limit has been drawn and election commission has been constituted to see that the limit is being observed, yet candidates spend money much beyond such limit officially specified by election commission.Many politicians are reported to file their nominations simply for obtaining quotas for diesel, petrol and paper, etc. A huge sum of money is collected by the political parties and leaders, especially those of the ruling ones, in the name of contribution from big Industrialists, Businessman, for election and in return, the contributors multiply their income by making profit out of the licences and tenders, obtained with the help of their political allies, during or after the election.In every office one has either to give money to the employee concerned or arrange for some sources to get work done.There is adulteration and duplicate weighing of products in food and civil supplies department by unscrupulous workers who cheat the consumers by playing with the health and lives of the people.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.All luxury corrupts either the morals or the state.


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