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The publishing industry is rapidly changing, with the evolution of e-books and other online learning content.

You are likely seeking a production editor who can manage multiple projects at once, adapt quickly, and work within a variety of programs and data systems.

“The letter is very heavy on text, which makes it difficult to scan,” says Leavy-Detrick.

“One solution would be to call out some of your key points as bullets–highlighting the qualities, accomplishments, or skill sets most relevant to the role.” Here are three she distilled from my original letter: New American Library | Richard Bellis, Production Editor Candidate [email address] • [phone number] Dear Claire Zion [VP, editor-in-chief of Berkley/NAL], New American Library has been top of mind for me from the moment I picked up a copy of [title of a book published by the imprint that you’re familiar with].

If mine is any proof, spinning your paltry work experience into a halfway compelling narrative about your competence is actually pretty hard.

So I asked a few career experts to give my sad cover letter a retroactive makeover, to see if there were any lessons to be learned in the process.If you don’t pique their interest and qualify yourself right away, you may lose your reader.” She points out that there’s the glimmer of a narrative at the start of the second paragraph, which could be spun into a concrete story about why I’m interested in ” instead of “just describing your responsibilities or accomplishments.If I know you’ve been in the trenches of this particular problem or worked through this particular incident, it’s much more believable that you’re experienced.”That would also take fewer words.I am eager to bring my insight and my eye for detail to New American Library as a production editor.I have vivid memories of working on a project where I wrote about the history of bathtub creation during my time at Vassar College.I was forced to thoroughly research disciplines far outside of my comfort zone and problem-solve in order to deliver high-quality writing.[Name of referral] at The Penguin Press has shared more insight with me about how NAL deeply cares about its team.You are welcome to contact me by phone at [_________]. Maybe a contact said he would help but hasn’t replied since, and you don’t want to pester him.Leavy-Detrick thinks the bigger problem is where I basically invite them to negotiate me down (I recall worrying I’d price myself out–by asking for a whopping ,000) before even meeting me.And my call to action is simply for the hiring manager to “feel free to contact me,” as opposed to a more self-assured request for an actual interview. I asked Leavy-Detrick and Martin to take a merciless red pen to my cover letter, and they graciously obliged.


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