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This is excellent horror-writing advice from Chuck Wendig’s blog Terrible Minds.

This is excellent horror-writing advice from Chuck Wendig’s blog Terrible Minds.As Wendig puts it: Horror is best when it’s about tragedy in its truest and most theatrical form: tragedy is born through character flaws, through bad choices, through grave missteps.

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If you want to write a scary novel, focus on ways you can make actions and descriptions work together to establish an uneasy atmosphere.

Whatever genre you write in, whether psychological or paranormal horror read as many books by respected authors in your genre as possible.

At its heart, horror fiction reminds us that cause and effect is real, even in the fantastical realm of storytelling.

If the point of horror writing (and horror elements in other genres such as paranormal romance) is to arouse fear, shock or disgust, think of the things people are most commonly afraid of.

Actively learning from great authors will improve your mastery of the horror genre.

When you write a horror novel, it shouldn’t read as though a malevolent force is sitting at a bus stop, waiting to infiltrate your unsuspecting characters’ world ‘just because’.

Or maybe a spider scuttling across the floor giving you the evil eye?

A vampire rising from its grave as the clock strikes twelve?

Examples of celebrated horror authors include Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, H. Lovecraft, Clive Barker, Bram Stoker, Neil Gaiman, Chuck Palahniuk, John Lindqvist and more.

As you read authors in your genre, make notes on what aspects of your genre the author excels in. Copy out your favourite quotes that create an eerie sense of place and re-read when trying to make your own settings more vivid.


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