Critical Analysis Essay On Heart Of Darkness

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One author that finds truth in Conrad's writing is Chinua Achebe and the novel Arrow of God.Not only is the setting similar, Africa, the similarities of how the natives are seen and persecuted by the colonist are unprescidented.His brush with death opened his eyes, and he then realized that changes needed to be made in his life.

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He further studied in Cracow and Switzerland, but his love for the sea beaconed him to explore, sail, and learn a new style of life.

In 1874 he took a job on a ship, and thus begun his lifelong fascination for the sea and sea travel.

He married, had two sons, but lived on a modest budget.

He was a poor, and frequently got into trouble, but kept on writing.

Conrad later returned to England in 1891 and worked as a sailor til 1894.

He then retired from sailing and spent the rest of his life writing.

Conrad was ther and witnesed the entire process, and it angered him to the point of no return.

Conrad can be linked to many authors that write about post-colonial literature.

He first became familiarized with the English language at the age of eight, because his father translated works of Shakespeare and Conrad became interested in them.

He was a very smart child, and did quite well in school.


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