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There are several ways to analyze a work for a critical essay, and they tend to fall into three common categories: evaluate, describe, and interpret.This is your chance to be a critic in the most well-understood sense.

So you can understand why I appreciate good film critics.Although critics can be quite critical (read: negative) at times, they aren’t always this way.In fact, they can be downright gushing when a film deserves it.Perhaps this is one of the things your professor has taught you. using or involving careful judgment about the good and bad parts of something Although the first definition is the most common, you will focus on the third when writing a critical essay.So let’s learn how to write a critical essay the most critical professor will love. Instead, it’s a close analysis of what makes that text tick.This doesn’t mean there won’t be moments of summary. However, summary will not be the main focus of your critical essay.That distinction belongs to your analysis of the work.However, when describing something critically, you’ll often have to go deeper than this, focusing on the literary devices and techniques used in the text.For example, how does Tolkien’s use of diction lend itself to The Lord of the Rings?But when they go negative, it can be brutal(ly funny).The critics tend to get a bad rap because of this, but they are just being honest—and well, the truth hurts sometimes. of or relating to the judgments of critics about books, movies, art, etc.3.


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